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duminică, 4 august 2019

Batmine Review - Crypto Mining Center in EU

Nowadays, mining platforms are becoming popular and it is a unique way to earn money. The BatMine project is not just another virtual currency system. It employs some of the best specialists who understand the branches of cyber and blockchain.

Companies have managed to create one of the fastest, most profitable and innovative cryptocurrency mines in the world. Some of the most known cryptocurrencies that can be mined are: LTC, ETH, BTC, Monero and others. Mining, if done right, has two advantages: low energy consumption and low energy costs.

BatMine is an open and collaboratively advanced company. It has set itself the goal of providing its customers with servers able to mine using cheap and clean energy.

The service system is based on the partnership investment model. The company enables investors to share the profits until 2029. Money is distributed among the participants every month.

The BatMine company, having reached a certain goal, plans to establish a mining plant in the Czech Republic. It is supposed to contain 12 thousand miners. And 10 thousand of them will be bought back from ICO profit. This offers a view upon their interest to run this project in the long run.

The service plans to place the plant in a place where it will be safe. It is planned that the support will quickly respond to the errors that should arise. The place is in cool climatic conditions and the plant will have systems to control temperature, like in any serious mining plant. The energy costs are about 4 cents per 1 kWh. The company has a permit for commercial mining activities.

Project token indicators:

  • Batm token
  • Erc20 standard
  • ETH platform
  • The tokens that could not be sold will be burned by the system.
  • Hard Cap: 19 000 000 000 €
  • Soft Cap: 1 000 000 €
A transferable contract will be concluded with each investor for making cash deposits. ETH tokens will be locked during the entire ICO operation, and when Hard Cap is reached, you need to wait 2 until the tokens are unlocked.

15% tokens will be reserved, 5% for the company, 10% for Advisor, Airdrop, Bounty. The rest of the tokens will be sold.

Gradual development of the company

The project has many goals that the company will solve in time, so they have enough time to implement in a sustainable manner their vision. Having considered the step-by-step plan, you can understand what the company sets for itself first of all, what plans for the future, and you can understand at what point the price of tokens can rise.

BatMine guarantees profit to its participants. The project will soon begin to gain momentum in the field of virtual currency.


The project provides a convenient and comfortable service that allows its participants to earn along with Batmine, using a minimum of costs. The company guarantees safety, and this is an important fact when choosing a mining system.

Investors are provided with the conditions for obtaining significant profits. For how they describe the business they want to run, I expect a low price for their subscription. Considering the probable margin profit you can get, this could turn out to be a good investment.

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