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miercuri, 23 ianuarie 2019

MenaPay ICO Review - Aiming To Support Middle-East and North Africa Economy

MenaPay Project Today I want to talk about MenaPay. If you have not seen MenaPay I suggest checking it out. Before we jump into the actual platform if you're unsure what Mena is, I'll give you just a short background on it. Mena is the area of the globe with that includes the Middle East and North Africa. All this area accounts for 3.3 trillion dollars annually towards the global economy. And it's unfortunate that this places often gets overlooked and is a little bit behind with the technological advancement. So, they need something to help them store their money safely, to transact safely without having to hoard large sums of cash in gold and things of that nature. So MenaPay has some real-world problems that they're looking to resolve by replacing the traditional payment methods with a nice safe secure blockchain that's fully backed. Utilizing the blockchain technology to make sure that what it is safe for a daily basis use, this area of the globe will be able to transact safely and not worry about sitting on large sums of cash.

I think they got an amazing plan. An amazing plan. They have a real-world problem that they can provide a great solution for. The team on this one is looking extremely good as well and what I really like is that they have a crystal clear structure to their ICO, that shows you where their funds are going, what they're doing with them, the product list is phenomenal. They will implement a payment gateway, a mobile payment app with Arabic language support. That way this will be a nice and easy way to use when they want to transact.  Transacting blockchain right now isn't the easiest thing for payments and merchants, so we need more companies to make this easier for each individual user, whether it's the person with the money or the person trying to get the money. Putting together a nice app in their platform to make sure that you can actually transact with this currency is the right mindset.

The road map is really good. We can see that they have some very nice partners (Aslanabo Capital, S4MINING, Bogazici Ventures, Puma Pay, etc). The team is phenomenal. You can check their social media profile. Some of them have interviews on youtube that you can check as well. They are an active team. They have been out there, meeting people face to face around the world spreading their message. Doing this shows that they care about people understanding exactly what their project is about.

Their interest in connecting with people and their cumulated expertise are positive signs that this project has an optimum start. I think the chances are high that they will complete their mission. I don't see any reason why MenaPay isn't going to complete their plan.

People need a way to transact securely. We need that. At this point in our history, humanity has to be able to make and spend money safely and securely. So, to be able to develop something for the part of the globe that needs it most is is absolutely something I can get behind. I'm really happy with what I see here with MenaPay.

I recommend you watch their introduction video, as it explains exactly what they're looking to do and how they're looking to do it. And it's a very informative and very exciting video to watch. I'm pumped up about this one. Check out their telegram, their community and ask some questions if you have. These guys have been active on Telegram. So talk to them, get your questions answered, get yourself comfortable and figure out if this is a good project.

And for the really good part:
The Princess of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has signed on as a board member for MenaPay. Check the interview with the Princess here: Not only does the Princess of Saudi Arabia agreed that a blockchain based technology makes sense and really is needed for the good of the economy of that region, she put her stamp of approval and it is a partner now with MenaPay. If that isn't reassurance that this is a project that's going to take over that part of the world, I don't know what I'm talking about here. For me, this is all the signs that I need to see this as one of the most promising projects of 2019.

If I sparked curiosity for MenaPay, below are the links for this project:

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