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sâmbătă, 15 septembrie 2018

Review: The ultimate guide to Your Data Safe ICO

YDS ICO Review
Online information stages have been making use of the client’s individual information to influence benefits. This has welcomed an age where information has more financial incentive than oil. However, the industry has its fair share of challenges, which ICOs such as Your Data Safe have sought to address.

Trends in personal data safety

Today, personal data forms a huge part of our everyday lives and may sometimes be used against our own will. Predictive and prescriptive analytics have transformed a person’s value into the sum of the data accumulated through their lives. After the information is collected, it is stored in data banks that are subject to breach. As such, the main question remains, is your data safe?

Most people probably do not know the value of their personal data. According to a report by the European Commission, the value of EU (European Union) personal data is estimated to reach 1 trillion euros by 2020. As such, creation of new rules such as the GDPR, to regulate the utilization of personal data had to be done.

So, why is the GDPR important? You can only answer this question by looking at the recent cases of data breaches such as the Cambridge Analytica and Facebook. This scandal involved the corporate company benefitting from people’s personal data without their consent. This is where firms like Your data Safe comes in; to ensure individuals are in charge of their personal data.

Your Data Safe (YDS)

Your Data Safe offers companies with GDRP (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance and also offers advice on ways to ensure personal data protection. This idea was motivated by the huge demand for GDRP compliant data and data support services, both of which are not currently being met.

Lack of security is a major challenge facing the emerging industry. There have been numerous reports regarding the loss of individual data and client information due to hacks. This is another issue that YDS seeks to correct by using blockchain technology to enhance data security and improve the level of straightforwardness in the industry.

Your Data Safe also aims at changing the way client data is handled and traded via the redistribution of value. Hence, YDS enables personal data to be monetized for targeted marketing and advertising. Also, it offers DPO (Data Protection Officer) services to firms to ensure the longevity of the YDS “pure data” plan.

Additionally, YDS believes that consumers are more willing to share their personal data for advertising and marketing if they will be rewarded for it. As such, the firm offers YDS tokens to customers that allow their information to be used by the platform. This is in line with their belief there is a better way for people’s personal data to be monetized.

Strength and Weakness

Your Data Safe is trying to make a dash in a very crowded market with companies like Monero, Zcash and Dash. The YDS team has got their launch perfected with the advent of new GDPR rules, it is quite certain to make a big splash. However, the team is new with not so relevant experience which might be a big concern for the investor. We've prepared a SWOT analysis for the YDS ICO and you can take a look at it.


The monetization of people’s personal data is an emerging industry that is estimated to grow exponentially by 2020. However, challenges such as data breach and failure of the firms to reward the owners of this data have become rampant. Nonetheless, Your Data Safe provides solutions for these issues by offering GDPR compliance to companies and rewarding them with YDS tokens after using their data.
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