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marți, 12 iunie 2018

Interview with Dinero Co-Founder

Interview with Dinero Coin Co-Founder 1) Tell us a little bit about you?

CastMiner: I am a Filipino Expat living in Malaysia. As everyone is well aware, Philippines has a huge ton of overseas workers abroad and I am one of them.

I got introduced with Cryptocurrency specifically Bitcoin way back in 2013. As an expatriate, I see earning as a means to sustaining my daily needs. So with the dawn of bitcoin and Blockchain technology in General, I started "mining" and "trading" with it. I stopped for a few years due to personal reasons and needs with my Active work. Returned back in trading on Mar 2017 and mining on Oct 2017.

I got to find Dinero way back in Jan 2018, by the time it was starting. It's from there that I met Dinero Dev. With the current trend of Masternode projects at that time (preselling, auction), Dinero took a different approach of not selling any of the premine. The decision was a hard one but, rather for the longer perspective of the project. So with the ideology of doing good without the need of asking anything else in return is something that made me realize: Cryptocurrency and Blockchain is an outlet where you can earn and do good at the same time.

2) Dinero uses both mining and masternodes to verify the transactions. How is it different or better in comparison to the other cryptocurrencies and what is the unique selling point of your project?

I wouldn't say mining Dinero or owning a Masternode is better compared to other projects. But with the block reward system and split, the coin would be more sustainable as it gives equal amounts of DINs both to Miners and Masternode holders. An equal opportunity not favoring one from another.

3) For the people that invest in masternodes, why would they choose Dinero?

"A Little Help for Everyone" - this is the Dinero vision/slogan. A phrase that we can live for the rest of our lives. We intend to educate, inform and learn from the community members and MN holders. With Masternodes, we will offer them the Governance system which can be a wonderful tool for crowdfunding or any other proposals that can help in improving/innovate the Dinero blockchain or the project as a whole.

4) I know you opted not to have an ICO. Why is that?

Pre-selling the premine is a huge requirement for other Masternode coins. This is the initial source for funding the project. However, as the scenario goes, almost 90% of Masternode coins turns out to be scams. And as a project, we don't want to be called as one. We'd like to give the impression that not all Masternode coins are "for profit". There are so many ideas/advantages that Blockchain can offer to ANY individual. And yes, we don't want SEC to be under our noses looking for specific things that can wipe out the project instantly.

5) What are some of the applications of Dinero at this time and in the near future?

At the moment, Dinero has all the cryptocurrency wallets available for any device that can connect to the internet. This ranges from Desktop wallet, to Web and Mobile wallets. In addition, Governance is another feature that we can offer to ANYONE who wants to submit proposals for their own individual personal/businesses, crowdfunding, Blockchain Improvements and many other ideas that they can submit for the project and by the project.

6) Does Dinero have any partners? Are you looking for partnerships?

On a business perspective, we don't. But we look at our Masternode holders as stake holders. Are we looking for partnerships? - YES, we would be glad to accommodate anyone willing.

7) What are the current challenges?

Scam projects are rampant that our project is being stereotyped as one. Its rather hard to explain and show them the difference of what our project really is compared to the "Quick ROI" scheme of other projects. A project like Dinero benefits from network effects and becomes more useful and thus more valuable as more people get involved in the project. As a community driven project that doesn't have a large marketing budget, getting our message out can be a challenge.

8) What are your plans for the future?

If the project succeeds, we intend to give back to the people who are in need of help. I know it's rather a hard plan but, as the saying goes, "If there's a will, there's a way." So to everyone who wants to make a change, interested to make a business partnership, those who wants to learn more about masternodes, those who wants to earn passively without the need of "mining", we'd like to invite you over to Dinero. We're not going to the moon, but with your help, we can.

9) Anything else that you would like to add?

Stop Buying Scam Coins!!! - LOL

Kidding aside, as we try to venture out in cryptospace, Dinero started helping out Venezuelan refugees that are in Cucuta, Columbia. This, by the means of donating two (2) Dinero masternodes that the rewards gives the most of people another chance in life. Dinero supports the project and aims to spread more awareness about the cause.

You can stay in contact with Dinero project on Twitter and Discord. Also, their whitepaper can be found here: