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marți, 26 iunie 2018

Health FX - the path to a better healthcare system

The ancient wise men stated that the healthcare system should be about prevention first. Some historians state that in the old days in China for example, those that were responsible with community health were rewarded when the community was healthy and even punished when people got sick. Today, most healthcare systems around the world are unable to incorporate prevention as they concentrate mostly on treating. When big pharma is making big money out of medicine, they are less likely to really look for solutions that would eradicate a disease.
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I have followed for a few weeks Health FX as they grabbed my attention with one of their first lines in the whitepaper:
"A healthcare system that rewards you for your feedback and continues to reward you for staying healthy."
Sure, that isn't their only goal, but it was enough to spark my interest. They aim to ease the healthcare system. As I understand their project, I would use one word to describe their overall goal: systematization.

Although we call it "healthcare system", it is not a fluid, effective system. If you ever had any health issue, chances are that you confronted with the 'system' deficiencies (long waiting times, medical errors, bureaucracy, etc). Chances are even higher that you got frustrated with the long periods of time needed to get your insurance claim approved.

Some of the solutions that Health FX wants to implement are related to:

  • easy access to the personal medical records, 
  • recommendations for the ideal specialist,
  • easy payments even across boarders,
  • integration with insurance companies

About the company experience

The company that started Health FX are also behind website, that is registered in 2011 (according to whois). They take pride on their 8 years experience offering information on medical travel and health tourism within Asia.

The team

Varun Panjwani - CEO - It is one of the founders of HealthFyx company.
Vipula Samarakoon - CTO - previously a medic (Prosthetist & Orthotist); now a business man that worked with some big names (HP, BNY Mellon, JP Morgan Chase)
Charley Zuidinga - COO - management consultant; experienced with start-ups
Nizam Ismail - Legal & Compliance - worked with multiple projects related to crypto (FinTech firms, cryptocurrency firms and ICO/TGE issuers)

The team goes on. Plenty of relevant experience. I like that the team can be double checked online. Always look into the team. It is crucial to have a team that is transparent, that is showing their faces and that has relevant experience for best chances to have the project implemented. As far as I checked Health FX project, I think that they have optimum resources to pull this off.

Artificial Intelligence aspects

The use of AI has increased in Health sector and it is expected to grow further. As some companies already use AI for better diagnosis, for example, is an encouragement for further adoption. In a recent study that I read about Romania healthcare system, it is mentioned that 3 out of 5 patience are missdiagnosed on first consultation. Even if I would imagine that this is only a delay of the proper diagnosis, this means that people are loosing time, money and most likely health because of this. If such a system would implement the use of AI in the process of diagnosis, the beneficiaries would not be only the patience, but the doctors and the entire state as money would be used effectively. Health FX are going to implement AI in their system to get all those benefits.


The project plan is well laid out, with clear solution on current problems. The team offers optimum chance for this project to succeed. The only thing that I am looking to see, is the process of service adaption.

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