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luni, 14 mai 2018

CoinJanitor ICO Review - Recycling Dead Coins & Growing Crypto Market

CoinJanitor cleaning dead and failed crypto projects

What is CoinJanitor?

Simply put, CoinJanitor is recycling dead crypto projects.

How will it work?

They will identify specific projects that are dead and that keep the value, money invested and technology developed, blocked. The aim is to unlock that value and reintroduce it to the crypto market.

At this time there are more than 4.500 crypto projects launched. With an estimated 50% that are not listed. Only a few dozens projects offer some kind of value and have prospects of surviving in the long run.

What are the benefits of CoinJanitor project?

Once a dead project is recycled, the owners of the old coin will receive CoinJanitor tokens (JAN) in exchange. This way that community will be 'adopted' under CoinJanitor umbrella. It is an aspect with great potential in the long run, offering the project growth in value.

The technology that is valuable from the old company will be recycled as well. They want to offer any of the useful code for free as open source.

As I see it, this ICO is one that can add value to the entire crypto market. And I think that their solutions for cleaning crypto market from dead coins and trapped value can evolve. Especially since they seem interested to involve the community into discussing the best ways to proceed with the project.

The team

From what I can see the team looks really good. Most have experience in the field of crypto. I have no doubt that the project will be developed by the current team.

Team gets 10% of the coins and they are blocked until 2019. This and the thing that they commit to decommission at least 3 dead/failed coins in the first 2 months of operations, shows the team desire to prove they have a reliable project that can fulfill it's vision.

In the hope that I sparked interest for CoinJanitor, bellow are the important links where you can continue the research and do your own due diligence before investing in this ICO.

Website -
Whitepaper -
Telegram -