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luni, 16 aprilie 2018

StopTheFakes ICO Review - Fighting Piracy and Counterfeit Goods

StopTheFakes ICO Piracy or copyright infringement is an issue addressed by many companies. However, even giants like google or youtube are not always able to stop it on their platforms. Film industry estimated in 2008 that top 6 major members of MPPA lost $6.1 billion. And we are talking about 2008 and about only 6 companies in the industry. For 2010, Business Software Alliance Piracy Study Standard, estimated the value of illegal copied software at $59 billion. And that is only 1 year. I could go on with examples on any other industry, but I think you get the point. There are trillions of dollars that are lost each year. And all the available solutions are not enough to fight back.

Introducing StopTheFakes project.

Although most likely this project will not eradicate piracy, it is a project that has real potential to become one of the best solutions. Let me explain.

StopTheFakes enables owners to detect and stop counterfeit goods and violation of intellectual property. The uniqueness of the system comes from the fact that they incentivise people to report such violation, recompensating them with coins. They named Doers the people that will report such problems.

Basically anyone with a smartphone or a computer can make photos/screenshots or videos and report the violations on StopTheFakes platform. So no matter if the violations is in online or offline, the platform can deal with it.

If they will manage to attract a high number of Doers the platform has a long future. Plus that I am sure there will be businesses interested to use the platform to protect their property rights.

They have a prototype at You can take it for a test run.

The Team

There have been some voices online saying that the team is not top notch because some of them don't have experience working at big multinational business. That is mambo-jumbo. If you are down to earth you know that is a stereotype. What makes a difference in a project is the ability of the team to reach goals.

Every member of this team has relevant experience and a track record of goals achieved in their previous jobs/ventures. You can check them on their website/whitepaper and double check their experience on third-party sources.


If you are looking for a quick profit, this project might be a good option. Sure, the general trend of crypto currency will have it's influence, but even if the trend is slightly upward you are in for a quick and easy profit. The reason is that there are no vested funds for contributors. So, once it hits the exchanges most likely the price will increase.

However, I am betting on this one on the long run. Once the project will gather more and more Doers, this will turn to be a good investment.

Bellow are the links of the project:
Website -
Whitepaper -
Twitter -
Facebook -