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marți, 24 aprilie 2018

Omnitude ICO Review - A Middleware Solution

Omnitude logo As a consumer, eCommerce is all about simplification. It makes it incredibly easy to purchase an item and have it delivered to your door in a few days. The process is lightning fast and totally convenient. Many people do not understand how complicated and complex eCommerce really is. Companies involved in eCommerce are required to protect the consumer’s data while getting the right products delivered in time. There is really plenty of room to make things somewhat simpler. This is what Omnitude is trying to accomplish. The new ICO is a value proposition, which is actually based on the utilization of the innovative blockchain technology. The system attempts to connect existing enterprise systems with eCommerce platforms.

Omnitude - a Middleware Solution

Again, eCommerce needs more simplification. There are tons of eCommerce platforms and they all use different technologies. This can make it difficult for the various platforms to interact effectively. Omnitude aims to be a middleware solution. It aims to solve many of the problems that eCommerce faces. One of the biggest benefits is the fact that it offers effortless integration of enterprise systems and numerous platforms. It is also designed to offer fraud prevention mechanisms. On top of that, it is designed around the blockchain technology and that will make a huge difference in the long run.
omnitude solution

Omnitude’s Supply Chain

One thing to note is that Omnitude aims to improve the supply chain. The Supply Chain solution will give companies the ability to tag each and every item in their warehouse. Or, they can tag an entire shipment. In return, this will give them the ability to track the items or shipment all along the chain. In the past, most only tracked the items when they were actually shipped. This could make a huge impact on eCommerce and help prevent lost and stolen items.

Joining Omnitude

As a merchant, customer, courier, or supplier in the eCommerce industry, you have the opportunity to join the Omnitude ecosystem. Once you are joined up with the system an Omnitude representative will assign you an OID and this will allow you to run a full or partial node. Depending on your role within this ecosystem, you will be assigned a certain level of security access. Of course, you are probably going to start out with a low level of access, but with the acquisition of each new node your security access and reliability will increase within the ecosystem. ECOM token will be assigned to each user in the ecosystem. These tokens act as a method of a settlement between participants, so they can access different resources within the ecosystem.

Omnitude Security

Omnitude takes security and privacy extremely personal and that is why they do everything within in their power to ensure protection at all times. In fact, Omnitude possesses the ability to prevent unauthorized parties from obtaining the identity and patterns of any individual at any time. Any member of their ecosystem can make confidential transactions at any time. In addition to this, these transactions cannot be accessed by anyone other than the stakeholder of that transaction.
Users can even frequently benefit from this security when making a transaction on Bitcoin and Ethereum block chains.

Token Information

It is important to learn more about the Omnitude token. The token is being identified as ECOM and 100 million have been produced. The pre-sale value was $0.40. The ICO value is $0.46. The ICO was started during the first quarter of 2018. The company says that the sale will end on May 31st. The Omnitude token will be issued by the company. Then, merchants will be able to use these tokens to complete payments to other users. Consumers can use the ECOM token as an alternative to conventional money.

The company explains that twelve percent of ECOM tokens will be owed by the team and advisors. Five percent will be held by pre-sale investors. 33 percent will be held by the Omnitude foundation. Finally, fifty percent of the tokens will be owned by ICO participants.

The Team

The company’s website gives a rundown of their team. The core team is comprised of twelve individuals. It is founded by Chris Painter and co-founded by Vladimir Kalynyak. According to Chris’s LinkedIn page, he is also the managing director of Pixel by Pixel. Kalynyak is the co-founder of CS-Cat as well. The team seems to be diverse and legitimate. It is made up of three developers. Ben Roy is classified as the blockchain developer. Roy has been involved in many other companies, including Braw Food and Orra Designs. According to his LinkedIn page, he studied at the University of Glasgow and Glasgow Caledonian University.

Social Media

It is important to check out the company’s social media presence. This can often give a good indicator of how successful an ICO is going to be. The company has more than 14,000 followers on Twitter and more than 3,000 followers on Facebook. The company’s posts get very little engagement on Facebook but do much better on Twitter. The numbers have improved slightly over the past few months, which is a good sign.

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