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vineri, 27 aprilie 2018

Merculet ICO Review - Shifting to Value Based Internet

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What is Merculet?

Merculet wants to make the shift from the era of information based internet to the era of value based internet. On one hand this is meant to bring better profits for enterprises, by having the ability to evaluate correctly the user attention. On the other hand the end-user is rewarded for it's attention and for the data that he is generating, while he can choose what data he is willing to share and what is not. In the current market, as you may already know, the end user privacy is not really private. See the recent senate hearing of Mark Zuckerberg on April 10 this year. The privacy issue is known for years, but there has been little action taken to address it.

It is easy to see how Merculet aims to develop a healthy ecosystem where entrepreneurs, users, content contributors and advertiser are brought together in a way that each one benefit the most in an equitable manner.

Powered by blockchain technology for its benefits of safety, transparency and trust, Merculet will use it's own token (MVP) to transfer value through the ecosystem. Entrepreneurs can use the MVP token to take advantage of it's benefits. For example: by using the token to reward users, entrepreneurs can improve their results in comparison to classic coupons that are a on-off incentive. On the other hand awarding users, based on the User Attention Value (UAV) system, it increases the interest of the user to engage in this ecosystem. Another example is their Open Content Platform that is meant to encourage creation of quality content.

The entire complexity of the ecosystem and the solutions for each and every problem to implement this project are laid out in the whitepaper. And although I have high confidence in this project and it's team, I urge you do your own research as well. So, for the details about how it will work and what solutions are they going to use, check their whitepaper. And as I always like to have a chat with the team on telegram to get a feel on them, I am encouraging you to ask them any questions you might have.

What is the market?

Merculet doesn't have any competition. This is due to it's innovative idea and because of the values they promote. Along with the values of blockchain technology, they made me think about openness, fairness (win-win), growth and evolution.

Every ICO tries to show their vision and their values. However few manage to transmit their vision no matter of what part of the project they talk about. From my point of view, reading Merculet documents (whitepapers, website, announcements, interaction with potential investors), seeing their video presentations and interviews, I can say this is one of the few ICOs that manage to have consistency and congruence. I know this is more of a psychological analysis, but this is what I see in this case. Label it opinion if it is easier to digest.


Team looks good, almost impressive. Experience is relevant for the project. Many of the team members worked for some of the established companies in the fields of digital advertising, software development, online retail, etc. All can be checked on linkedin. If you fancy to dig dipper you can find more about the team members, simply searching on google/bing/yahoo/yandex.

Advisory team is impressive with some of the most known names in the industry:
  • Shen Bo - Founding Partner at FenBuShi Capital
  • Roger Lim - Founding Partner at NEO Global Capital (NGC); also present in some the most prominent ICO projects as advisor
  • Bin Sen Tang - Founder of ELEX
  • Yue Feng Qiu - Partner at Roots Capital
  • Iris Yin - Founder of Super Hash Capital
  • Shou Cheng Zhang - Professor at Stanford University, Founding chairman of Danhua Capital
*This is only a summary of their experience, previous and present projects.

Team tokens are vested for 2 years and planned to be released gradually every quarter.
Also, the pre-sale tokens are vested and released in 5 installments. First installment will be 6 weeks after the ICO completion.

An important aspect is that they already reached 21000 ETH during pre-sale. For the public sale there are tokens available for the total amount of 16000 ETH.

Some of the executive members have in common Magic Window, that is a "mobile user growth technology service provider. Its products include enterprise deeplink solution mLink and smart content distributing platform mContent." (source -

So far, Merculet partners are: Magic Window, Solo Ads, ELEX, Toop, Zhuishushenqi, Newborntown. This should help a lot since many of them already have a solid user base.

In the hope that I sparked interest for Merculet ICO and that you will do your own due diligence, bellow are some of their links.

Website -
Whitepaper -
Telegram -

My bitcointalk profile -;u=1694865