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sâmbătă, 21 aprilie 2018

JoyToken ICO Review

JoyToken project

What is JoyToekn?

They aim to provide a gaming ecosystem where small developers, software houses, large casinos and players are connected with the benefit of reducing the risks associated with the current state of the market. They are using Ethereum platform to launch their token.

On one of the main benefits for players is that they will know that the games they play are safe and most importantly fair. JoyToken is using a decentralized RNG generator to achieve this. Implementing blockchain, smart contracts and mining for double verification of the outcomes generated they assure that the system is impossible to be manipulated.

This leads us to Reputation

In this world of gaming profits are driven mainly by reputation. So, having a safe and fair system is a great unique selling point. A system that is transparent and secured in a decentralized manner opens the possibility of growth for this project.

A complete description of all the components of their solution is presented in their whitepaper:

Along with this solution JoyToken is a platform where, as I said, they bring together developers and casinos as well. They offer support for developers to produce new games that benefit their main solution, along with ensuring compliance and licensing where is possible.

Again their whitepaper offers plenty of details on that as well. And as with any other ICO I recommend you start whit the whitepaper and get all your answers before deciding to support a project.

Vested Funds

12% of the tokens are distributed to team. The good part is that these funds are vested for a period of 2 years. This is a good sign as it seems that the team is dedicated to grow the project before they can cash in.

Bellow you can find all the relevant links for this project.

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