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joi, 19 aprilie 2018

Disciplina ICO Review - Moving the World of Education

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What is Disciplina?

Disciplina aims to make use of blockchain, smart contracts, Web of Trust, PoS consensus and private chains for the benefit of Recruiter and Education fields. When it comes to the field of education there are multiple problems. One is storing the documentation safe from being lost or altered. Another one is when it comes to choosing an educational institution. Students need reliable ratings to make decisions that will prove meaningful for their career. Another problem is for recruiters. Allowing them to have access to reliable information about candidates studies and work experience.

With all these challenges outlines I guess you are already thinking where this is heading. Disciplina want to offer solutions specially adapted for the needs of students, educational institutions and recruiters.

Why Disciplina?

While other projects try to be the new ethereum with multiple applications for a plethora of areas and businesses, Disciplina aims to solve concrete problems for Recruiter and Education sphere. And I think they have high chances to achieve that.

The Team

I think that transparency is a must when it comes to ICOs. And a project that doesn't show their team is a project with high chances of being a scam. That is not the case with this project. They are far from being fishy in any way. The team is pretty impressive, with relevant experience in education and blockchain technology. You can check them on https://disciplina.io/#team. Most of them have a linkedin profile as well.


As it deals with private information, there are 2 layers. One that will be private and one public. Here is a print screen from their whitepaper:
disciplina technologies
As you can see, all the information that needs to be private is protected and it's user can decide what or how much of it's info is shared publicly.

Another motive to support Disciplina is their attention to details. Their yellow paper describes their architecture. If you want to know all about it go check it at  https://disciplina.io/yellowpaper.pdf

Also, their support team on telegram group is pretty active and willing to respond any questions related to their project. I had a few questions that I missed on the whitepaper and they had no problem giving me the answer. So this is a plus as well.

Here are a few details about Disciplina Crowdsale:
Softcap - 7000 ETH
Hardcap - 34000 ETH
1 DSCP = 0,0005 ETH or 1 ETH = 2000 DSCP
There is no minimum or maximum purchase.
ETH, BTC and LTC are accepted as payment.

Token distribution:
78% of tokens are distributed during the crowdsale, 20% are for company founders and 2% for bounty program. The 20% for the founders is vested. Half of it for 6 months and the other half for 12 months.

In the hope that I sparked interest for Disciplina ICO, I recommend you do your own due diligence as I think you should do for any ICO you want to invest in. Bellow are the relevant links for this project.

Website - https://disciplina.io
Whitepaper - https://disciplina.io/WhitePaper_eng.pdf
Telegram - https://t.me/tchmpls
Twitter - https://twitter.com/tchmpls_events
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/tchmpls.events/

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