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vineri, 2 februarie 2018

Keplertek - an ambitious project

Main goal: production of robotics and AI development
Vision: shape the future of humanity with a decentralized wealth distribution system through the technological breakthrough

Looking into the future

I've been reading their official website and whitepaper for the past few days and I feel this is truly an ambitious project. Not that I don't want to believe it will succeed, but this project got me thinking, imagining all the potential that we could reach.

Back on my research, here are some things that might get you into taking a close look into Keplertek as well.

Location and Oportunities

Location of the future Mega Factory: Georgia. The country is one of the most tolerant when it comes to cryptocurrency and their political stability makes it a good choice for this project.

Bellow is a print screen from their whitepaper with the implementation phases:

So far the most attractive supporter is the Government and Cabinet of Georgia. The properties needed to build the Mega Factory will be offered for free. Also, as the new amendments in the Georgian tax code Chapter XIII this projects will be exempted from paying income taxes for 5-10 years. Thus enabling them to reinvest that money.

You can read more about Georgia on their whitepaper here and you can double check online as I did. Found some interesting things about Georgia when it comes to investing in that region.

The company will focus on these 5 fields:
- Kepler Universe Platform
- Mega Lab (One of the world’s most advanced, high-tech Lab)
- Mega Factory
- AI
- Technical College
- “Kepler City” Hotel and Restaurant Network

Kepler Universe Platform
Just like ethereum or neo, managed to innovate the use of blackchan and got to be the main platforms for future cryptocurrencies, the same way Keplertek wants to do for robotics and High-tech development. Recognizing that there is a problem with funding in these fields, Keplertek will allow developers and inventors to submit their projects onto Kepler Universe Platform for easy access to financial and technical support.

Mega Lab
These is the place for developing the company own products and patents.

Mega Factory
The aim is that the factory will be the number one source of income. Here the main activity will be production of parts for the robots.

This, along with robotics market, is one with a big potential. Even at this time AI use in software used by traders is cutting down costs of analysis and lowers the risk for investments. And this is only one area where AI is leaving its mark. Keplertek has it's focus on AI since it it essential to their own company.

Kepler City
This is quite 2020 stuff. Since tourism is a big business, there is always room for innovating it. Kepler City will have the first Hotel and Restaurant fully served by the Robots. From their declaration it seems that there are already private investors interesting in this part of the project.

Hard cap is $250 millions.

As I said already this project is really ambitious. This is the first thing that got my attention. With the majority of the new ICOs being launched with low value projects, from my point of view, Kepler stands out. Maybe I want this project to succeed considering the size of the project and the potential impact in the long run. The filed of robotics, AI and blockchain is something that barely starts to develop and everyone will want a piece of it. From investors to every other person that will want to benefit the technology.

Details of the project:

My details:
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