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miercuri, 14 februarie 2018

Cardstack ICO Review - the project that could propel blockchain adoption further

cardstack ico review

Every now and then I stumble upon some new thing that 'feels' like the next big thing. Some times it may take me hours or even days to grasp the idea and how it will work. I am sure many will understand what I call 'feeling' if they witnessed ethereum rise. At first glance, if you are not tech savvy, it is something that seems like science fiction. You want it to be true but you are not sure if it is realistic, because you don't know what is possible and not with the current developed technology.

The other day a friend mentioned Cardstack ICO. I took a look and had this feeling that I should read more about this project. At first glance it triggered the interest. I am eager to learn when I feel I have in front of me an exciting idea that could propel us to a better future. I started to watch the video presentations and especially those in which Chris Tse (Founder and Head of Project) talked about Cardstack. Bellow I will outline the things that excited me about this project, in the hope it will spark interest in you as well.

From the first look at their website ( you will see they mean business. Website is easy to navigate and digest. The documentation alone is over 40,000 words. If you love to know everything about a project this is the one that will do so.

Cardstack aims to be the interface layer for the decentralized internet. It aims to simplify user experience, thus improving adoption of the new technology that blockchain provides. Let me explain.

With each new innovation for the past few decades the user interface made the difference. It is essential how easy and how fast the user can understand and access the wanted resources. Think of how we still use google search engine (most of us) to navigate the vast internet. Google is not the internet itself. It is just the most used door way to internet. However, without it mass adoption wouldn't occur or not as fast as it did.

The problem?
Every current app works on its own. However, when you need to integrate data from one to another or make a particular workflow, the solutions are limited. Here is where Cardstack comes to simplify and grow the potential of current technologies, both centralized and decentralized. While others are concentrating on building either centralized or decentralized apps, Cardstack will put them together with the end goal of having the user in center. This approach has benefits both for end users, developers and the future.

Here is a summary of the current types of Apps today:
  • First we have the apps that you install on your smartphone and pay once. Think of Apple App store for example.
  • Second ones are the Cloud apps. Usually these are monthly subscription apps.
  • And third generation are the emerging dApps. Here is a definition for dapps in case you are like me: not that geeky.

Having all these types of apps under one interface will allow the average user to use all the technologies available now. This way mass adoption of blockchain can accelerate.

The other thing that I like about this project is about the founder itself. It may not be the most charismatic guy or the motivational speaker most would like. But I can say this: Chris is driven by his vision. It is something that many try to do, but few manage to be. The vision and the drive of Chris Tse are something that will get this project to make a difference for the future. Surely with the condition that the ICO is a success and my guess is that it will be.

4 motives why I assume the project will succeed:

  • founder is a driven visionary
  • the project started in 2014 and it evolved ever since
  • strong team; people with expertise and no shady members or unverifiable information
  • strong partners and advisors; will mention here amazix, wachsman and

There are many more things to say about this project and its uses. In case I managed to rise the interest for this project, I will leave bellow the most interesting interview that I found with the founder. Also, bellow you will find all the essential contacts for this project.

Keep in mind that this article is my own opinion and it is not financial advice. If you decide to invest do your own due diligence. Thanks for reading.