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vineri, 19 ianuarie 2018

Peculium - a promise for a better savings platform

peculium cryptocurrency project
Peculium project explained in my own words is a saving platform. An alternative to saving plans like IRA, SEP or 401(k), but with a twist. The twist comes from investing in cryptocurrency using predictions generated by Artificial Intelligence and Automate Machine Learning. They named this two components AIEVE. AIEVE stands for Artificial Intelligence, Ethics, Values, and Equilibrium.

If you are not a tech guy here is a short explication of what AIEVE does. It analyses enormous stream of information (media, cryptocurrency market, etc) in real time. Based on this data and based on machine learning it is able to predict future market shifts (prices going up or down). And based on that prediction it can minimize risk for better investments.

Just like the wall street trading software, AIEVE is a trading algorithm for the growing crypto market.

peculium AIEVE technology

Here are the products that they will offer: Solidus, Alterus and Singulus. First 2 products are designed for business and institutions with the second one aiming large businesses and financial institutions. Singulus is for individual investors or groups of individuals.

Personally Singulus is great news from a personal point view as I have been following for some time the evolution of this kind of technology for predicting future market shifts, especially in cryptocurrency market. I am more than curious to find out how much will this service cost for individual use.

This project is one that can benefit both:
- regular people like you and me by investing in peculium and/or using Singulus in the future
- and big corporations (like hedge funds)

And since more and more people get into cryptocurrency world, hedge funds for example are getting in it as well. Here is a video from 2017 on CNBC about a number of hedge funds investing now only in cryptocurrencies:

According to their website and their whitepaper ( they already have partnership with Google, Zeppelin, Techracers and Atarad. Haven't checked to see for evidence on these partnerships, but if they are real it will get the price up pretty fast.

ICO ends on 24 January. Price for one PCL is 0.01€ during this sale.
After this there will be a CCO (continued sell offering) exclusively for big investors and savings funds. CCO will start Mach 2018 and it will end on July 2018.

Update 20 February 2018

The soft cap have been reached. In case anyone had doubts. Project is going forward as announced.
Also, their AIEVE at this time can make trends predictions at the intervals as small as one minute. Beta testings will start this year (2018).