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luni, 15 ianuarie 2018

New ICO for Decentralized Social Media - Sphere.Social - Reasons to invest

Sphere Social’s Initial Coin Offering is now set to start on 12 February 2018.

*Although this article is not a financial advice and I hope you will do your own research before investing in any cryptocurrency, I want to get to your attention a nice opportunity with this new SAT ICO. Make sure to read where it says Fourth, if you are interested in investing in cryptocurrency.

new ico launch 28 February 2018

First a little bit about

Here is a part of their presentation of the projects on the whitepaper:
Become the largest and most trusted decentralized social network in the world. [...]
Sphere was built on the idea that privacy, company transparency, and data security
should be the fundamental building blocks of every social platform. So we believe
that the millions those corporations are making off of your data doesn’t belong to
them, it belongs to you.
We want to help you take back the control and have a say about your data.
You can check their whitepaper here:

The idea is pretty nice and the marketplace where you can buy/sell advertising with SAT tokens has potential from my point of view.

It's about the money - Reasons to Invest

Now this is why I decided to write this post mainly. There are a few things that I think will make the price of this future cryptocurrency to go up.

First there are already 525729 (today 15 January 2018) people that signed up to be notified when the ICO is starting. This is huge. Even if among them there are people registering multiple times to benefit the free tokens they are giving, there over a half a million! Having so many people interested in it will at least make many people buy (demand).

Second is that the TEAM looks at least decent. I must admit I haven't yet investigated on each team member, but at first glance it looks good. So this means that the project has potential to grow and not be a fail.

Third is that they are planning to burn any all tokens that are not sold during the ICO. This is a move that for other projects gave a bust in price because of the confidence increase in the project (they did what they said) and because the supply of tokens is now lower, making each token more valuable. I guess I don't have to explain how this works. Anyway, Upfiring is such example that implemented this after the ICO period.

Here is the tweet from upfiring twitter account:
Fourth but not last is they have an aggressive marketing campaign meant to promote their project. They offer free tokens just if you signup with your email. You can go and register here and get your free tokens. At this time they offer 50 tokens, that if you would buy they would cost about $2.5. I know this is not a lot of money, but it is free and at least you get free beer money.
On a serious note, if you are new to cryptocurrency and you don't want the hassle to deal with buying bitcoin, with this you get to have your first crypto money.
On an even more serious note, do your research and if you decide this is something you want to invest in, make sure to buy SAT once they start the ICO period. They will send you an email and most likely will post on their social media accounts as well.

Also, once registered you can refer other people to sign up. When you do that they get the free tokens, as you did when you signed up, and you also get 50 tokens for referring them.
As of know, according to their Bounty page today there are more than 350 blogposts online, over 300 forum posts on bitcointalk and more than 1600 social media posts (twitter and facebook) about SAT ico.

To further prove my point that there are more people talking about this (more than those that promote Sphere for Bounty), I did a quick search on google for the exact term of the future cryptocurency from Sphere.Social: "Social Activity Token". There are 3 710 posts indexed by google at this time. Bellow is a print screen with the result:
google results for SAT ICO mentions
You can always check that on google. Just remember to use " sign before and after the search to see only those posts that include in their text the EXACT phrase.

After you get your tokens, either from registering or from buying more, once the ICO period will end you will be able to trade it. You will be able to trade it for money bitcoins, other cryptocurrencies or get money (fiat). And of course if you have confidence that this project will do well, you will want to hold it until it will increase 2, 5, 20 or 100 times before you sell it.

Now! What are you going to do?

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