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marți, 16 ianuarie 2018

List of Bounty Campaigns for ICOs

list of bounty campaigns for ICOs
Bellow is an updated list with ongoing bounty campaigns for ICOs. Basically with these programs you can get free tokens of future cryptocurencies in exchange for specific actions (see below).

Update September 22, GMT 02:45

Since most bounty programs are no longer mainly on Bitcointalk, I have a new preferred platform.

Here are the top 5 reasons why I use bounty0x now:

  1. better verification of the bounty hosts. This means there are very few scammers here compared to Bitcointalk for example.
  2. you verify your profile only once. With other bounty platforms you have to submit your data (KYC) for each bounty program and it is a pain if you want to make some real money, as you end up spending more time verifying your identity than promoting the project.
  3. you submit your Ethereum address only once. And you can change the address if you want, unlike most Bitcointalk bounty programs that I've used.
  4. once each program ends, the platform follows with the host. Each week they release status news for the ended programs. This way you know better when they will pay for your work.
  5. easier to evaluate if the payout will be decent and not peanuts. This makes my job really easy to select the projects that I trust and that will most likely pay a decent amount for my work.
Their link is here:
Here is my invitation code for boutny0x: 155594

If you are just starting out with bounty hunting or you are already doing this for some time, here is my tutorial on how to maximize your income with bounty programs. In this guide, it's my experience for the past year with dozens of bounty programs that I participated in. Enjoy and leave a comment there with your questions.

List partially updated April 16 2018, GMT 20:07

Take me to the List of bounty programs.

Short and sweet before the ICO (initial coin offering) many cryptocurency projects have a bounty program. A bounty program is meant to get them media exposure and you get free tokens. Every program is custom and for you to get the free tokens you have to make a specific actioThesehis actions are usually: posting on bitcointalk forum, posting on twitter, reddit, facebook, publishing an article on a blog/website or referring other people to sign up to their email list.

From my experience, the ones that have the best outcome are those that accept posting on social media and on a blog.

Here we go.

Get easy shares on Health Nexus - Bounty Page
You will get 50 shares for signing in. Plus you can get more shares just for liking tweets and facebook posts. Love it when a bounty program has a dashboard like this. It makes everything so easy for me.

Name End Date Link other details
Debitum DEB 25 Jan
BABB BAX* 25 Jan details on bitcointalk
Dether 30 Jan details on medium
WePower WPR 1 Feb details on bitcointalk
Arcblock ABT* 3 Feb details on bitcointalk LPH** 3 Feb easiest so far to gain
SocialMedia.Market SMT * 9 Feb details on bitcointalk
Globitex GBX* 10 Feb details on medium
Sphere Social SAT** 12 Feb get 50 free tokens forsigning up
MiCars 13 Feb details on bitcointalk
THE FABRIC TOKEN ECOSYSTEM FT* 15 Feb details on bitcointalk
LiveStars LIVE 15 Feb details on bitcointalk
Coinvest COIN* 16 Feb details on bitcointalk
Signals SGN** 26 Feb details
Gimmer GMR 28 Feb details on bitcointalk
Rentberry BERRY 28 Feb pdf download
Benebit BNE (Scam. Stay away) 30 Apr details on bitcointalk
Valorem VLR* 28 Jun
Peculium PCL* (paused now) 1 Jul details on bitcointalk

The names that are marked with * are the programs that got me the most rewards so far. As you see more *** it means I got more rewards compared to the rest.
Consider that this is my experience and it also depends on how much you promote them.