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Ethercraft - Decentralized RPG Game On Etherum | Ready to make money?

Launched today on 14 January this has the potential of getting bigger than in terms of profit for those investing now, before the actual game is released.

Basically if normally we have new cryptocurrencies that have an ICO (initial coin offering) with this we have an 'ICO' before the game release. Or you can look at it as a crowdfunding. The difference is that you stand to make some nice money out of it. I will explain in a moment.

Go to and you will see that there are a bunch of items for sell. Now the items that are colored are enchanted items. Each of these items will get you a revenue each time someone after you buys that item. Along with that the price of the item increases in time, making your initial investment grow as well.

If you are convinced about this investment and you take the risk of loosing the money go for it.

In the past 24 hours the return for who both then growed even 10 times. Payment accepted is ethereum and so it the 'return' which you ca withdraw immediately if you want.

Here is more on this game on

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