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joi, 18 ianuarie 2018

Crypto Trust Network ICO - Improving Security in the world of Crypto

Service to Fight Crypto Fraud

I have to admit that Crypto Trust Network (CTN) plan and the value they want to ad of making crypto world safer is hard to ignore. With all hacks and fraud, from exchange breaches (read more here), phishing scams and malware, wallet swaps, etc, it is normal to worry about the safety of your money when dealing with cryptocurrency.

Their motto:
Stopping fraud before it happens
Basically, from what I understand from their whitepaper ( CTN is a platform that will allow tracking of high risk transactions. Before the transaction is made CTN can provide a 'trust rating' after verifying identity, data analysis for wallets and transactions and other data. You can read more about it on the whitepaper.

Here is CEO Jim Dowlinkg explaining the project in 2 minutes:

If you are looking into all the money lost each year because of security issues, this project has a place to stay in the future once it will succeed raising the capital needed for development and marketing. And I see this getting the capital to start, especially since the soft cap is at just 500,000 CTN. Considering that they will price 1 CTN at just $1, the projects has all that it needs to go right.

Token sale starts January 22

Opened to the public from 6:00pm GMT and will end when either the hard cap of 10,500,000 CTN is reached or at 6:00pm GMT February 22nd. First 2,000,000 tokens sold will come with a 20% bonus. Payments are with ethereum.