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miercuri, 15 noiembrie 2017

Why I stand by localethereum.com ?

localethereum connecting people to sell and buy ethereum directly

Why I like localethereum.com:
1. Price - even when buying with paypal
2. Safety - Escrow system using smart contracts
3. Easy interface
4. Ethereum rules compared to Bitcoin transaction fees

As you already know when you want to get into buying alt coins most of the times you have to buy bitcoin first and then the wanted cryptocurrency. In the recent days things are now a bit more diversified. However there is a short list of cryptos that you can buy directly. Ethereum is second to bitcoin. Main reason is that many ICOs are accepting ethereum as payment since many are using their network.

Getting to localethereum.

1. Price

From the offers available at this time on localethereum they are the best I can see online. You can check on your own.

Now the thing that was a real surprise and a good one to add is that from time to time there are sellers that will accept paypal. And the really good part is that the prices are similar to bank transfer. Beat that.

2. Safety

Their system of escrow using smart contracts makes sure that both party are safe during and after the transaction. Here is the technical article from their blog: https://blog.localethereum.com/how-our-escrow-smart-contract-works/

Here is the video presentation before they launched:

3. Easy interface

From the first glance you can see all the information that you need when you want to make a buy for example. You can select between buying from sellers from a specific country or worldwide. You can sort offers based on Popularity (starting with the most used seller) or Price (starting with the best offer). You can select between multiple ways of sending the money: cash, bank transfer, cash deposit, Paypal, international wire, Alipay, WeChat Pay.

4. Ethereum rules

Lately bitcoin transfer fees are ridiculous. Especially if you want to buy low quantities, you get to spend more on the fees than what you get in your bitcoin wallet.

The transaction fees are actually what you pay for the miners to make the calculus needed for the transaction to take place. Another way to put it: when you buy or sell bitcoin the transaction has to be processed. This process needs a calculator (or more as nowadays is needed) to 'decrypt' the transaction and to make sure that everything is legit. As this process takes resources (calculator and electricity) for the miners, in return of their used resources they get a small portion of the money sent.

For example you can check the fees for bitcoin transfer here: https://bitinfocharts.com/comparison/bitcoin-transactionfees.html

And you can check the fees for ethreum transfer here: https://bitinfocharts.com/comparison/ethereum-transactionfees.html

At this time when I am writing this the transaction fees for ethereum are more than 10 times lower compared to bitcoin transaction fees.

Your turn. What do you use to buy ethereum safe and at good price?